Contests Package-30-For Retailers

Contests Package-30-For Retailers

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A package of 30 beautiful retired glass Elfbeads to be used by authorized Elfbeads Retailers as 6 Contest or Giveaway prizes. 

By ordering this package (which is FREE), Elfbeads Retailer is committing to the following:

1) Organizing and managing six monthly or bi-weekly Contests or Giveaways under terms approved by Elfbeads.

2) Designing and photographing prizes. Each prize should consist of 5 glass Elfbeads from this set. 

3) Reporting to results for each giveaway in any form (a link, a hashtag etc.) where submissions and the winner are visible.

Examples of approved terms and conditions are below. You are welcome to come up with a different format and terms, but please email us for confirmation first. 

Example 1: Instagram/Pinterest Photo Contest. To participate your clients should design a bracelet with at least 2 visible Elfbeads and post it on Instagram / Pinterest mentioning @elfbeads (as well as your shop). They also must follow Elfbeads account (as well as your shop). You choose the winner and administer the prize on your terms (based on the quality of submission, not randomly).

Example 2: Instagram Giveway. You post the prize photo on IG. To participate your clients should comment on the post and tag at least 2 of their friends. They should also follow @Elfbeads (as well as your shop). You choose the winner randomly on your terms.

We cannot recommend Facebook for the events as requiring participants to like a page or repost is a policy violation. But you are welcome to come up with a proposal.